A bit about me

lustI began writing in 2012 which seems a lifetime ago. I have always been a sucker for a sexy romance and that’s what I decided to concentrate on when I began my journey as an author.

Mind you, I had worked in a corporate environment writing training programs the few years I wasn’t a stay at home mom. I knew how to put a sentence together. I also lived a little–that wee bit of your life when you get to do whatever the hell you please.

My husband sort of poo-pooed my dream of being a writer myself. He laughed at me when I read Danielle Steele and he was reading Tom Wolfe. Plus, back in those days traditional publishing bordered on cruel and inhuman. “Send a printed copy of your manuscript (which will not be returned) to us and we might reply in six months. Oh, and did we mention you need an agent also?”

You win. I won’t even try to write.

The digital world of being able to publish independent of the gatekeepers has affected quite a few lives. Mine was one of them.

Life has changed. My children have launched. When I began to write, I was very much in love. That, too has changed. It was both traumatic and dramatic. As Forrest Gump said: “And that’s all I have to say about that.”

So, dear readers, I now finish my last in the Brotherhood series in a different frame of mind than I began it.

As I cast about for what I will write next, I know I will write with a different kind of wisdom. And, I hope will you will enjoy this humble author’s evolution. Without you, my profession and livelihood ceases to exist. So, thank you. Simply, thank you.