Brotherhood of Souls

These are stand alone, full length steamy romance novels intertwined in this romantic series, “Brotherhood of Souls”. Grayson, Darren, Wyatt and Noah are available now followed by  Harlan in later months. All of the brothers’ romantic adventure stories connect, but can be read in any order. The prequel to the romance series, “Brothers” is a gift to readers which can be found on all ebook channels.

The “Brotherhood of Souls” romance novels are five-chili sizzlingly sexy and meant for readers who love a good dose of heat with a page turning story. These are adult and steamy romantic women’s fiction. Each Soul sibling has his own unique love story to tell.


Brotherhood of Souls

Brotherhood of Souls #1 is FREE!

Brothers (Brotherhood of Souls #1)

Two families meet and collide in the heat of Carolina Low Country in this steamy beginning to the Brotherhood of Souls Series. This free book introduces you to their world.Beauville is a town that’s late to the 21st century. The Covingtons don’t color out of the lines. The Souls don’t have any lines.Darren and his brothers are fixtures in the lives of Sarah Covington. From the day he rode up her driveway when she was just a girl to the horrible day he left her at eighteen, Darren’s marks on Sarah’s life fill her coming of age with passion, desire and the frustration that comes from wanting someone you cannot have.

The quartet wild boys each have their own set of devils to conquer. In Brothers, you are introduced to the world of the Souls and the girls who will be tangled up in the saga of rebellion and adventure as their lives unfold.

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Brotherhood of Souls

Brotherhood of Souls #2

Darren (Brotherhood of Souls #2)

Sarah Covington has known Darren Soul since she was eleven. He blasted between her driveway’s live oaks on a screaming crotch rocket and changed her world. Five years later he kissed her. Seven years later, he did a whole lot more than kiss her. She never had the chance to tell him the truth about that night.

Sarah returns to Beauville, S.C. to confront her father’s impending death. She learns that the plantation that has been in her family for hundreds of years is inches away from foreclosure.

Six years and nine months after the last mortifying time she saw him, Darren saunters in like Sir Galahad, ready to save the day. Except he can’t.

Old antagonism dies hard, but so does an attraction that Sarah knew even before she could name it. Sarah can’t bring herself to trust his motives or her judgement.

When the old house yields up an unpredictable solution to its own problem, Sarah faces decisions that will influence the rest of her life. Choosing to make them alone may cost her dearly.

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Brotherhood of Souls #3

Grayson (Brotherhood of Souls #3)

Life is all about new beginnings. Sometimes you have to take big chances to reap big rewards. But the best laid plans don’t often factor in the kind of chemistry that takes your breath away.

When Kara traded her bustling urban life for “Low Country” living, she didn’t expect to be caught up in a dangerous drama featuring a deliciously smooth talking Southern lawyer with a cause. And she never thought the man she loved would disappear before she had a chance to tell him so.

She can’t bring herself to start a new chapter. A chance discovery leads her to a risky decision with serious consequences. But the way Kara sees it, life is all about listening to yourself when your heart has something to say.

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Brotherhood of Souls #4

Wyatt (Brotherhood of Souls #4)

This romantic suspense story is all about the unexpected.

A brothel, an internet cafe and a sushi bar may seem like a bizarre combination. But Elaine Covington made her own rules and a lot of lucky guesses when she created Beau Cafe, the most popular gathering place for geeks east of the Silicon Valley. Elaine was one of those millennials who became a new adult with a lot of luck and talent on her side.

When the enigmatic guru known only as ‘William’ came to her looking for a few good ‘internet mercenaries’, he brought a tetra-byte’s worth of trouble along with him. His genius was impressive and his skill as a ultimate fighter was a also a surprise. He was also by far the hottest mutha ever to set foot in Elaine’s little nerd paradise.

Maybe it was because he was an American and she was tired of being a cultural stranger that kicked the whole little love story off. Maybe it was because he was tall and dark and reminded her of a faded memory that somehow tickled the lust for alpha male arms around her for once.

He made her homesick. He made her vulnerable and then he protected her. When he walked through her door, a steamroller of desire followed him.

Swept into William’s tangled connections with the dark world of human trafficking, Elaine foolishly allows lust to conquer reason until she learns a secret so shocking it turns her world around.


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Brotherhood of Souls #5

Noah (Brotherhood of Souls #5)

Growing up the youngest in a tribe of strong alpha males, Noah Soul always felt he had something to prove. His life had been one testosterone laden struggle from the start. His entire existence had been one big game of catch up. Becoming something of a local legend as a firefighter hero who took brave chances didn’t make a dent in his competitive spirit. What he didn’t understand was that the only rival that really existed was himself.

Never a real member of the Southern or any other particular style of life, Joy Carpenter led a chaotic and nomadic childhood, an innocent bystander to the train wreck of her mother’s serial and abusive trio of marriages. By the time Dad number three came on the scene, Joy was a pudgy high school kid whose biggest goal in life was to stay invisible. All that changed when she went to college, dumped academia and found her calling as an EMT.

When Joy meets Noah it’s on equal ground as a first responder in the town of his birth. It’s a place Joy hadn’t planned on revisiting, ever. As circumstance and opportunity throw the pair together Joy realizes that Noah is not simply an arrogant alpha hell-bent on saving anyone but himself. He’s also her chance to fill an empty place inside her that no amount of professional success can satisfy.

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holly_FINAL Brotherhood of Souls #6

Holly (Brotherhood of Souls #6)

The only ‘sister’ in the Brotherhood of Souls, Holly leads the life of a charming chameleon in the Big Apple. The only people who really know her are her family and she’s an expert at keeping it that way. She sees nothing to gain in sharing the ugly truth about her past.

She unexpectedly meets a saint-like man who deserves the best and Holly takes on the personality of her colorful globe-trotting cousin to impress him. She knows a guy like Lance Fountain could only be a temporary fling for a girl like her and she’s sure her false identity will appeal to his generous nature. It doesn’t occur to her that he lives a reality of his own that makes her fairy tale suit his needs perfectly.

When Holly finds out Lance’s secret, she learns why he has tolerated the on again, off again relationship her fake ‘life’ demands. Because she is also guilty of deception, she can hardly call foul.

Still convinced that the ‘real’ Holly can never hope to be good enough for the man she keeps trying not to love, fate steps in, forces her hand and teaches her a once in a lifetime lesson.

This is a stand-alone, full length romance novel and the Brotherhood novels can be read in any order.

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