Conquered Romance

K.C. Falls’ romantic adventure is the story of a wounded warrior whose love for a woman is tainted by the past and threatened by the present. When his loyalty calls him back to pay old debts, his bravery is tested in ways even fiercest combat could not equal.

Surviving Me (Conquered Romance 1)

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I married a man with peculiar taste in whores. I didn’t see it coming.

I was a shattered survivor. I didn’t trust myself or anyone else.

Then I met a man who needed my trust as much as I needed his.

His subtle limp was not the only scar he bore.

Finding myself naked beside him was inevitable. The strength I found there revitalized me. The soul-deep longing he inspired brought me back to life. His penetrating wounds were a gift that only I was allowed to share.

He taught me how much loyalty costs.


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Surviving Him (Conquered Romance 2)

Don’t ever wait to say I love you. You might not get another chance.

He was adrift in a coma without the strength of my love for him and all because I could not say the words. Some nasty clawed demon snatched my throat and held me back and I might never have another chance.

I gave all that I am and all I can be to a man who didn’t remember who I was. He was a stranger. What we had just begun was only a memory for me.

I faltered. I was afraid. I didn’t know if I could love the new Reggie as I had loved the old one.

My blessed body found a way. His cursed mind destroyed it.

Somehow, some way we found each other again. Maybe we thought we were invincible. But, of course, no one is ever is.

Reggie’s war was my battleground too. But my passion for him would lead me into danger that would put more than my heart in harm’s way. Loving a warrior can kill a girl.


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Surviving Us (Conquered Romance 3)

Now I understand. I finally know what it’s like for the men. The women. The soldiers. I know what it’s like to be helpless at the hands of beasts.

I didn’t know what hatred really was until I saw it in their eyes. My captors could not see me as anything else but the monster they thought me to be. There was no shred of humanity in them.

I didn’t know what fear was until I saw it on Reggie’s face. It was terror for me. He was a warrior and could die like a warrior. I would die as a blood prize, an animal.

Love endures all things.

When I was lost in the desert and barely alive all I could think about was him. Time is a wicked torture.

 This book is the final part of the Conquered Romance trilogy.

“When I was out with the men, in the field, I would have died for them, yes. But if I lost one, it wasn’t going to be the end of me. When you and I were being held, all kinds of things ran through my head but the worst one of all was what would happen to me if you were gone and I was still alive. Even for a day. That was the hell I feared the most.”
. . . Capt. Reginald Lewis, Army, Retired


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